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In case you haven’t seen, insta narrative are all the rage nowadays. With more than 500 million everyday users, it’s not surprising why companies are using this attribute to reach a bigger audience. But what in order to INSTAGRAM STORY (인스타 스토리) feature someone else within your story? Here’s a simple manual regarding how to do just that.

1. Open the Instagram app and see your tale camera.

2. Consider or upload an image or online video that you would like to talk about.

3. Faucet the screen to bring in the enhancing tools, then choose the “Stickers” solution.

4. Select the “Highlighted” sticker in the choices provided.

5. Enter the username of the individual you need to feature, then tap “Completed.”

6. Placement the sticker where you need it in your image or video clip, then touch “Send out To.”

7. Select who you would like to give your story to, then tap “Deliver.”


There you might have it! A easy and quick guideline on how to function other people in your Instagram Story. This is certainly a wonderful way to give shoutouts, encourage other companies, or just demonstrate some enjoy to your friends and readers. Give it a try the very next time you’re publishing a tale to see the way it moves!

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