Tips To Get Away From Online Loan Scams

The most basic lesson in protecting against online loan fraud is to find out who you are dealing with. And that goes for either individuals or institutions.

In addition to researching if the company is reputable and authorized by the Central Bank to operate in the country, make sure that the professional who makes the contact really works for those who say they work. Check also the existing complaints against the company in consumer advocacy bodies.

Advance payment, never!



If someone requests advance payment to release loan, run because it is scam for sure. Any charge for intermediation, commission, or the like by the person offering the service is illegal. The only fees that may be charged are those provided in the table of the contracting financial institution. Sounds like bullshit, but there are not a few cases of people who “fall for it” and of course never get the money back from the advance.

The least an online lending institution can offer is security. Also because there you provide sensitive information that may fall into the hands of malicious people. And how do you know a website is secure? Simple: Just look in the upper left corner of the screen, where is the address of the page. If there is a picture of a small lock, in addition to the inscription https (remember: “s” insurance), it means that the site offers safe navigation.

Is Good Finance reliable? The answer is yes!


These are just some basic precautions to take when making your personal loan online . There are several companies in the market that are responsible, work within the law and seek consumer satisfaction. Research first of all, after all money is serious business.

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